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Before I had my own website, I was regularly posting articles on Medium. I've decided to keep them up on Medium but I wanted to share them here as well.

Venture Capital in 2028 - In this post I explore how I think venture capital will evolve in the future and come up with 5 ways in which VCs can differentiate and add value to entrepreneurs at scale.

Cryptocurrencies and Network Effects - In late 2017 the crypto market was booming. This is my take on the most valuable uses of cryptocurrencies and the potential for decentralized apps.

The Startup Scene at Cal - I've been involved in the Cal startup ecosystem for 4 years now and am glad to have seen it expand and flourish. This post details the best resources available on campus.

The Importance of Guiding Principles - I've always realized the importance of self-awareness and this posts details some of my core values. This has changed over time and I'll be posting an updated version of this on this website soon.

Autonomous Cars and the Future - Short article exploring the potential of autonomous vehicles with a particular focus on second order consequences of this.

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